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What our employees say about us

"We never start work without thinking it through first. In the morning, over coffee, we always discuss what the day has in store for us. We help each other and learn from each other. And we can have a good laugh at work."

Adam Technician

"I create my own workflow and it's up to me what I do and how I do it. That's what I enjoy. I can be creative and independent, and I'm happiest when I get a really challenging piece done. I feel like a partner here, not a robot."

Tomáš Horizontal boring mill operator

"We work on everything related to wiring, from the main drive to the smallest sensor. Because we bring the machine to life, we are the last link and we have to be able to plan our time well. And even though it's chaotic at times, that moment when the machine starts up and starts producing is just worth it."

Lukáš Electrician

"I am always responsible for the design of the whole machine, so I have to be familiar with all areas of mechanical engineering, but also for instance with risk analysis. But it's not just an office job - you'll often see me 'crawling over the machine' trying to capture all the necessary details for re-engineering."

Radim Engineer