minimize production downtime

Avoid unnecessary interruptions. Rely on our modern cassette-based die holders, high-quality spare parts and excellent service.


We'll keep you up and running

Do you want to reduce die changes by up to 75% and minimize interruption in production? We have designed our own system of cassette-based die holders with hydraulic clamping. This system allows you to clamp the dies in a cassette outside the press work area and have them ready for immediate replacement as soon as the current production runs out.

We'll keep you up and running
  • the system works with the original dimensions of the dies of the ŠMERAL presses
  • possibility to adapt the system to the dimensions of your existing dies
  • the system fits exactly into machines with QLZK / QLMZ series die holders
  • 75% reduction in die change time compared to conventional die holders
  • the clamping of the dies does not require any adjustments on your part
  • you adjust the dies in a cleaner and more comfortable environment
  • dies are preheated to the exact temperature including the cassette
  • easy die change allows the operator to concentrate on what is most important for you

Of course, we can also provide you with any die holders with classic mechanical clamping. We can design the die holders to your specific needs or manufacture them according to your drawings.

  • we produce suitable replacements for QLZK die holders
  • we improve die holders of other manufacturers or of your own design
  • we refurbish used die holders with a guarantee of geometric accuracy and functionality as a new piece

A high-quality replacement is irreplaceable

Rams, screws, nuts, connecting rods, shafts, gears and many more. We manufacture all important structural parts of forging machines regardless of their size or complexity. Whether you need a replacement as part of routine repairs or in the event of a breakdown, we always place emphasis on quick and easy installation of the replacement part into existing equipment.

A high-quality replacement is irreplaceable

We solve the situation at hand first, formalities later

With each of our automated forging lines and all forging machines supplied by us, we guarantee:

  • minimum one-year warranty on replaced parts and works performed
  • extensive after-sales support
  • repairs at your premises
  • delivery of all necessary documentation
  • reliable supply of spare parts
We solve the situation at hand first, formalities later

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